Adres: Booiebos 24 – 9031 Drongen (Gent)
Telefoon: + 32 9 377 24 85

Activiteit: Oystershell Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the innovation of consumer healthcare products (OTC).


Our mission is to bring to the world new health products that combine scientific progress with greater consumer satisfaction.

At Oystershell Laboratories, we believe that this “best of two worlds” concept can only be realized with the help and enthusiasm of our consumers, clients, partners and staff. Our team is proud of the product innovations that it has developed so far (see brands/technology) but, at the same time, we know that our greatest-ever product still lies ahead of us.

Oystershell Laboratories develops non-prescription pharmaceuticals, medical devices, insect protection, cosmeceutical and nutritional products to keep you and your family healthy.

Oystershell Laboratories: creating value through science and consumer insights.